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Pipeline Pigging Demonstrator 

Description: The pipeline pigging demonstration apparatus is a small scale model of a pipeline that includes a pig launching station, a short pipeline (with several representative bends) and a pig receiving station. This demonstrator shows the student operator the concept of a pipeline pig moving through a pipeline including the steps required to prepare the pipeline for the pig, insert the pig and remove the pig from the pipeline. Most of the components of this demonstrator are fabricated from clear plastic materials in order to allow the student operator to visualize how the pig moves through this representative pipeline system. The demonstrator has no process instrumentation as it is intended to demonstrate oilfield operating principles with basic visual / manual operation only. 

  • Pipeline Pigging Demonstrator

Function: Pipeline Inspection Gauges (or Pigs) are used for pipeline cleaning, inspection and maintenance, and fluid batching in pipelines. These tools are pushed along the inside of a pipeline by the flow of liquid or gas. A pig launching station is used to insert the pig into a pipeline using a series of valves and hatches. The pig is pushed through the pipeline by the liquid or gas stream to the pig receiving station. The pig catching station works in opposite to the pig launching station. 

This demonstrator uses low pressure water to move a pig through sections of clear plastic pipeline. The sending and receiving stations are equipped with manual valves for de-pressuring, loading, launching and receiving of pipeline pigs. An electric pump supplies the low-pressure water to the flow loop. The water used in the flow loop is returned to a reservoir and continually recycled through the system, allowing for continuous operation. 

Equipment Specification Highlights:

  • Water is the available working fluid
  • Circulation equipment provided
  • See-through plastic horizontal pipeline
  • Transparent plastic launching and receiving stations
  • Manual valves for fluid flow control, de-pressuring, loading, launching and receiving stages
  • Complete unit mounted on a utility size cart for ease of movement and storage
  • Approximate overall dimensions – 1050 x 600 x 1000 mm high (42” x 24” x 40” high)
  • Available in all world voltages / frequencies (customer to specify electrical power available on-site)

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