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Process Utilities

Depending on the lab trainers purchased, certain utilities are required for operation. Many units require instrument air. Heat can be provided by steam or electric reboilers. Some require hot water and/or cooling water. Cooling water is required for the Distillation, Gas Absorption and Heat Exchanger trainers. The following package units are available depending on your requirements. These units are supplied as skid-mounted, ready to use packages. Design specification and prices depend on the load created by the trainers plus any other loads requested. DarbyTech will custom design equipment and processes to suit your requirements.
  1. Instrument air: Air supply packages consisting of compressor, receiver and dryer are sized to meet the demands of all trainers purchased, plus provide excess capacity for any other requirements specified by the purchaser.

  2. Hot and chilled water: Closed circuit water systems reduce the wastage of water that occurs when mains water is sent to drain after use. Systems will be custom designed based upon the specifications of the trainer units. Chilled water units generally use compression-based refrigeration. Water may be heated by electricity, gas or waste heat from the chiller unit. Circulating pumps then return the water.
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