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Heat Exchanger Demonstrator

Model Series: HE-30

Description: The heat exchanger demonstrator consists of two heat exchangers with associated temperature indicators, flow indicators and a temperature indicating controller. A valve is provided to reverse the tube-side flow direction. The two exchangers are of similar surface area but with unique design features.
  • Single pass shell and tube exchanger – brass
  • Plate exchanger with stainless steel plates
Temperature and flow data obtained can be used to calculate energy balance, heat transfer and heat transfer coefficients.

Function: The exchanger demonstrator is connected to hot and cool tap water. Process (hot) water flow is manually controlled. Cooling water flow may be either manually controlled or automatically controlled to a selected process temperature set-point. Trainees select exchanger type, flow direction and flow rate then read and record the flows and temperatures for further analysis.

Equipment Specification Highlights:
  • Process water flow rate is controlled with flow meters and manual control valve
  • Cooling water flow is controlled with PID controller and control valve based on process discharge temperature
  • Temperature measurement of inlet and discharge waters
  • A valve is provided to reverse the tube-side flow direction.
  • Mounted on a cart for ease of movement and storage
  • Approximate overall dimensions – 80 x 45 x 120 cm high (32” x 18” x 48” high)
  • Available in all world voltages / frequencies (customer to specify electrical power available on-site) (Single-phase electrical power (except Closed Loop option which requires 3-phase power)
  • Pneumatic or electric modulating solenoid control valve
  • Closed loop process (hot) water circuit using an electric heater and circulation pump
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