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Please contact us directly for additional information on our products, budget prices and equipment specifications.

Head Office:
17 Evolution,
Wynyard Park,
Billingham, TS22 5TB
United Kingdom

General Information:
Sales & Inquires +44(0) 1740 665730

All Enquiries:

For detailed technical information about specific DarbyTech Training Equipment, including pricing for budgeting purposes or a quotation, please complete and submit this information:

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Please send more information about the following DarbyTech equipment:
DarbyTech Trainers:
Adsorption Trainer with Data Logging Control
Binary Distillation Trainer with DCS Control
Chemical Reactor Process Trainer with PLC
Compressor Trainer (Single & Duplex)
Flash Drum Trainer with PLC
Gas Absorption Trainer with DCS Control
Heat Exchanger Trainer
Integrated Training Plants
Steam Electrical Generator Trainer
Tank Level/Flow Trainer with PLC
Three Phase Separation Trainer with DCS Control
Mini Plant Large Scale Three Phase Separator
Biodiesel Process Trainer with PLC Controls
Bioethanol Process Trainer with PLC Controls
Fluidized Catalytic Cracker Unit Trainer

DarbyTech Demonstrators:
Two Phase Flow Demonstrator
Two Phase Flow Demonstrator Enhanced Version
Gas Contactor / Distillation Column Demonstrator
Horizontal and Vertical Separator Demonstrator
Horizontal and Vertical Separator Demonstrator Enhanced Version
Heat Exchanger Demonstrator
Pipeline Pigging Demonstrator
Well-Bore Hydraulic Demonstrator
Classroom Aides

Additional Information:
Trainer Controls
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