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DarbyTech Applied Research Technologies (DART)

DarbyTech Applied Research Technologies (DART) offers technical consulting services and custom equipment designs to support applied research and development (R&D). Our customers require customized equipment and pilot processes to test innovative processes and new products. They also require confidentiality in order to protect their knowledge assets and innovations. These projects often have funding and intellectual support of the National Research Council of Canada. A sample list of the types of projects requiring DarbyTech's expertise and customized equipment includes:
  • A Boiling Heat Transfer research/training Unit
  • An innovative, near-zero emission process for de-salinating road salt storage yard run-off to improve highway maintenance while also producing a reusable brine concentrate -- process engineering consultant for lab-scale research and the scale up to commercial size demonstration unit and ongoing engineering support
  • A crystallization research and training unit for chemical engineering students -- design, fabricate and consult to primary researcher
  • Photo-catalytic chemical reactor research cell -- design and fabricate
  • Bio-filtration research vessel -- design and fabricate
  • A novel and environmentally friendly process for processing wood fibre into pulp -- three research reactor scale-up units, two with integrated control systems
  • A electrical transformer insulating oil purification process -- process consultant, pilot plant design, fabrication and testing
  • A electrical transformer insulating oil high voltage quality testing apparatus -- design and fabrication
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